User Agreement
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The following User Agreement is applicable to the artwork made available on the website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”).

In accordance with this User Agreement "Artwork" means any illustrations, composings, schematic drawings, infographics, etc. created by Medical Vision Gesellschaft für visuelle Kommunikation mbH (hereinafter referred to as medicalvision GmbH) made accessible for free download on the Website. All Artwork offered on the Website is copyright protected.

The use of the Artwork is subject to the applicable copyright laws. If medicalvision GmbH is named as the author, the offered Artwork may be used for editorial, educational, or commercial purposes.

The following copyright marking shall be used as the copyright symbol: © medicalvision. This marking must be placed so it is clearly visible and in a direct spatial context with the used Artwork.

Any infringement of the right to copyright marking shall entitle medicalvision GmbH to claim the normal rights due to unauthorized utilization which include, in particular, the right to claim injunction, access to data and compensation.

For the provided Artwork, an ordinary, non-exclusive and non-transferable licence for use is granted. Any further rights shall remain with medicalvision GmbH. In particular, any sale and/or commercial use of the Artwork, for instance on online image databases, are inadmissible.

When using the Artwork for online purposes, please make a link to the Website

Last updated: September 2012